Glow in the dark yarn

Illuminate your creations with our versatile glow-in-the-dark thread. Perfect for multi-application scenarios, it offers an enchanting afterglow of 6-8 hours in blue, green, and yellow light. With an impressive range of 120 colors, our glow-in-the-dark yarn adds a captivating touch to your projects. Let your imagination shine!

Reflective thread

Enhance visibility in multi-application scenarios with our patented reflective thread. Crafted with regenerated materials, our reflective yarn offers unrivaled safety during night running and more. Experience the power of reflection for improved safety.

Conductive thread

It conducts electricity, making it ideal for sewn circuits, wearable electronics, and ESD prevention.The conductive thread comes in variations like conductive webbing, and touch screen yarn, catering to diverse project needs.