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Nylon Bonded Thread Kit

Nylon Bonded Thread Kit

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    ·Yarn count: 210D/3, #40, 70Tex
    ·Packaging: 200m/roll, 8 rolls per set

    Nylon Bonded Thread, often employed for the stitching of upholstery, leather, vinyl, and other robust fabrics, is a variant of Nylon 66. This particular type of nylon surpasses the strength and heat tolerance of standard nylon threads. The thread with a bonding treatment, which not only enhances its overall strength but also reduces friction at the needle point. This results in seamless and smooth stitching.

    1. Excellent tenacity
    2. Excellent UV and abrasion protection
    3. Low elongation
    4. High waterproof property

    Product name

    Nylon Bonded Thread Kit




    1. Smooth cross section, not easy to open up
    2. High strength
    3. Goes on the machine very smoothly
    4. not easy to break the needle
    5. Suitable for home use.


    Nylon Bonded Thread Kit


    leather goods
    suitcase & bagsports goods
    outdoor goods
    indoor soft decoration
    automotive chairairbag


    ·200m/cone · 10 cones per set

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