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Hydroexpansivity waterproof thread for tents(sample)

Hydroexpansivity waterproof thread for tents(sample)

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    ·Yarn count: 12S/3, 20S/3, 28S/2, 40S/2
    ·Packaging: 100g/roll

    Do you have the experience of water leakage even use the water repellent material? In fact, sometimes water leaks through needle hole. The Hydroexpansivity Waterproof Thread by Dongguan Velve Thread Manufactury is a high-performance, abrasion-resistant thread designed for superior waterproofing. This innovative thread expands when exposed to moisture, creating an effective seal that prevents water penetration. Ideal for outdoor gear, marine applications, and heavy-duty sewing projects, it offers exceptional durability and reliability. Trust the Hydroexpansivity Waterproof Thread for unparalleled performance in the most demanding environments.

    1. Excellent tenacity
    2. Abrasion protection
    3. Low elongation
    4. Block the needle hole when meet water 

    Using tips:
    1. Both the bottom and top threads need to use expansion waterproof threads.
    2. The material should be waterproof.
    3. The density of the bottom and top threads must be noted.

    Product name

    Hydroexpansivity waterproof thread


    Polyester and cotton


    1. Complete specification
    2. Ultra-high strength
    3. Wear-resistant, Anti-breakage
    4. Cotton ratio can be customized
    5. Goes smoothly on the machine


    Hydroexpansivity waterproof thread


    Use for Umbrella rain gear, living tents, disaster relief tents.



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