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250D/3 silver plated conductive thread(sample)

250D/3 silver plated conductive thread(sample)

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    · Conductive
    · specifications can be customized.
    · The surface resistance value of 10³Ω or less.
    · Wide range of applications: used for touch screen gloves, anti-static clothing, conductive wristbands, anti-static shoes and hats.

    Product name

    Silver plated conductive thread


    Silver fiber, and polyester filament/staple fiber


    1. Complete specification
    2. Conductive
    3. radiation resistant
    4. anti-static.
    5. for screen touching


    Silver plated conductive thread


    Used to make conductive or touch screen gloves with silver fiber conductive yarn, take the most simple resistance meter test can also be derived from the resistance is below the popular standard 3 times below 10.


    1 corns/CTN (8cm*8cm*13.4cm) 2 corns/CTN (15.2cm*7.8cm*13.4cm) 5 corns/CTN (37.5cm*7.7cm*13.4cm) 12 corns/CTN (25.1cm*19.2cm*13.4cm) 40 corns/CTN (44.5cm*28.8cm*11.6cm) 80 corns/CTN (44.5cm*28.8cm*23.2cm) Those packing ways are kinds of references and accepts customization.

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