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Luminous DTY yarn

Luminous DTY yarn

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    ·luminous yarn DTY
    ·luminous yarn can continue to emit light for more than 10 hours in the dark after absorbing all kinds of visible light for 10 minutes.
    ·Not easy to fade the color.
    ·Suitable for Curtains, sheets, pillowcases, rugs, socks, etc.

    Product name

    Luminous DTY yarn


    100% Polyester


    1. Anti-Bacteria
    2. It's not easy to fade the color
    3. Sustainable
    4. High Tenacity


    Luminous/ glow in the dark


    Suitable for Curtains, sheets, pillowcases, rugs, socks, etc.


    1 corns/CTN (8cm*8cm*13.4cm) 2 corns/CTN (15.2cm*7.8cm*13.4cm) 5 corns/CTN (37.5cm*7.7cm*13.4cm) 12 corns/CTN (25.1cm*19.2cm*13.4cm) 40 corns/CTN (44.5cm*28.8cm*11.6cm) 80 corns/CTN (44.5cm*28.8cm*23.2cm) Those packing ways are kinds of references and accepts customization.

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