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20-90 degrees PVA water soluble embroidery thread

20-90 degrees PVA water soluble embroidery thread

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  • 【The concept of PVA water-soluble thread】 The water-soluble thread can dissolve like salt in water at 20-90 degrees.

    【Common Specifications】Water-soluble thread can be divided into short fiber and long fiber. Common specifications: 40S/2, 20S/2, 50D/2.

    【High-quality material】 It has an ideal water-soluble temperature and elongation, good acid resistance, alkali resistance, and dry heat resistance. It is tasteless and non-toxic after being dissolved in water. The aqueous solution is colorless and transparent. Biodegradable.

    【Application】 This kind of thread is often used for sewing positioning (embroidery, clothing inner labels, etc.), and the products that need to be fixed can be separated in water to solve the labor cost of manual stitch removal, and the embroidery seams do not leave stitches.

    【Goods and Services】 After ordering, you will get the quantity of water-soluble thread you ordered. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply all your questions promptly. Your purchase experience is our eternal pursuit, welcome to inquire.







    Product advantages

    rapid dissolution




    1 corns/CTN (8cm*8cm*13.4cm)
    2 corns/CTN (15.2cm*7.8cm*13.4cm)
    5 corns/CTN (37.5cm*7.7cm*13.4cm)
    12 corns/CTN (25.1cm*19.2cm*13.4cm)
    40 corns/CTN (44.5cm*28.8cm*11.6cm)
    80 corns/CTN (44.5cm*28.8cm*23.2cm)
    Those packing ways are kinds of references and accepts customization.

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