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Graphene conductive fiber yarn

Graphene conductive fiber yarn

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  • Graphene is a two-dimensional material consisting of a single layer of
    carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb structure. Its properties
    include high strength and good conductivity of heat and electricity.
    The stacked form of graphene is graphite.
    Graphene conductive fibers are chemical fibers spun from graphite
    carbon black mixed with conductive media in polymers.
    The performance of graphene conductive fibers in eliminating and
    preventing static electricity is much higher than that of antistatic fibers,
    and the resistance value is stable, lasting and basically not affected by




    Graphene yarn


    Single yarn

    Product advantages

    Anti-static,Anti-ultraviolet radiation, Conductive,tbeauty and skin care


    Sewing and filling of clothes, quilts, sleeping bags, down jackets, etc,knitting and weaving.


    1 corns/CTN (8cm*8cm*13.4cm)
    2 corns/CTN (15.2cm*7.8cm*13.4cm)
    5 corns/CTN (37.5cm*7.7cm*13.4cm)
    12 corns/CTN (25.1cm*19.2cm*13.4cm)
    40 corns/CTN (44.5cm*28.8cm*11.6cm)
    80 corns/CTN (44.5cm*28.8cm*23.2cm)
    Those packing ways are kinds of references and accepts customization.

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