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Glow in the dark embroidery thread

Glow in the dark embroidery thread

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    Polyester+Fluorescent thread


    Twist thread

    Product advantages

    Glow in the dark,Environmental friendly


    Shoelace embroidery lace ribbon logo emblems


    Those packing ways are kinds of references and accepts customization.
    1 rolls/CTN (8cm*8cm*13.4cm)
    2 rolls/CTN (15.2cm*7.8cm*13.4cm)
    5 rolls/CTN (37.5cm*7.7cm*13.4cm)
    12 rolls/CTN (25.1cm*19.2cm*13.4cm)
    40 rolls/CTN (44.5cm*28.8cm*11.6cm)
    80 rolls/CTN (44.5cm*28.8cm*23.2cm)

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    Glow in the dark thread

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