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Blue light chenille glow in the dark crochet yarn

Blue light chenille glow in the dark crochet yarn

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【Glow Yarn for Crocheting】You will receive 5 rolls of glow yarn, which are long enough to guarantee you can complete your fiber art. Yarn diameter: 2mm-2.5mm. 50g/ball.
【Luminous Yarn】When you use ultraviolet light, the yarn can glow within 20 seconds, and you can replenish the energy of the yarn at any time. While you can use regular lights, the yarn's glow-in-the-dark effect is relatively weak.
【High Quality Material】Our YGMX24 is matte chenille glow in the dark yarn, which is made of polyester fiber, which has a soft degree, light weight, comfortable touch, fluffy, thick, safe, breathable and wear-resistant, not easy to fade , tear or break, suitable for long time use.
【Simple knitting yarn set】Each ball of yarn has an EasyStart feature, making it easy to extract the starting birthmark from the center of the ball. Not easy to break, soft to the touch. Perfect braid and yarn for beginners.
【DIY Artist】Our YGMX24 is suitable for hand-woven diverse DIY projects, such as making headwear, amigurumi, tissue boxes, dolls, etc., as well as daily-use items, enjoy the fun of DIY.
【Care Instructions】This fiber has a strong pull, this is a good yarn for accessories, use warm water and a dryer setting on low to medium.
【Great Gift】Many knitters and crafters will love this yarn, very easy to use and suitable for beginners. Great as a gift for your friends on Halloween,
Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday, Easter, parties and more.
【Goods and Services】 After ordering, you will get a pack (five rolls) of luminous yarn balls. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply all your questions promptly. Your purchase experience is our eternal pursuit, welcome to inquire.

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85% chenille+15% Luminous(customizable)



single yarn



Dolls, craft, hat

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