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Reflective elastic yarn



Product description


 PrincipleReflective thread is a process of coating reflective filament with polyester or nylon yarn. In the process of coating, the reflective filament is not completely coated, so that the reflective filament of the exposed part of the yarn is exposed, so that the reflective filament of the exposed part shows reflective effect under strong direct light.Reflective thread with this process overcomes the problem of weak tensile strength of reflective filament, and plays a role in protecting reflective filament through coating process, avoiding direct contact with machine in knitting, embroidery and sewing process. Reflective filament also appears in the form of cores in finished products.
 Material descriptionReflective materials, also known as retroreflective materials, are arranged with thousands of highly refractive glass beads per square centimeter area, which can reflect light back to the light source according to the original path, so that the observer near the light source can clearly see the target. The study found that bright silver reflective cloth can be found by motorists 300 meters away.Reflective filament is a kind of reflective material. Reflective filament is a reflective PET film or reflective cloth cut into different thickness and width of reflective filament.

Product parameter


Item WidthThickness
Reflective PET film filament 0.15mm11μ
Reflective cloth/PET film filament0.2mm13μ
Reflective cloth/PET film filament0.25mm14μ
Reflective cloth/PET film filament0.37mm16μ
Reflective cloth/PET film filament0.5mm17μ

Reflective filament can be divided into bright silver, high brightness and general brightness according to brightness.

The filaments with high brightness reflective cloth as core are cut out at 400 (cd/lux.m2) brightness.

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reflective thread PPT-en_10.png





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