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Product description


 FeaturesReflective shoelaces mainly rely on reflective materials to emit light. When a light source higher than ambient light shines on the reflective material, the reflective material will reflect bright and strong light.The work clothes worn by traffic police and sanitation workers will have to use reflective markings.When taking pictures at night, the flash is a strong light source, and the reflective logo will have a bright effect.The luminescence of the reflective light strips will reflect strong light regardless of day or night.
 Features  Reflective shoelaces can effectively attract eyeballs and bring a different feeling to your love shoes.In addition, if you travel at night or work in a dark place, strong light can help you effectively remind the other party to pay attention, thus playing a role of safety protection.
 PrincipleThe principle of reflective shoelaces is actually because the gray-black material in the middle contains high refractive index glass beads, which reflect the incident light back to the light source in the original way, forming a retro-reflective phenomenon.Since almost all the light is concentrated in a very small angle range and reflected back, its brightness is much higher than ordinary objects.
 UseReflective shoelaces mainly rely on reflective materials to shine.Reflective shoelaces are harder than normal shoelaces.When the shoe hole is small, don't pull it hard, try to roll the shoelace into a U shape and pass through the strap hole to protect the reflective material from being scratched by the shoe hole. Reflective shoelaces are not recommended for shoe holes that are too small.

Product parameter

 Brand nameReflective shoelaces
 Main ingreadientPolyester + reflective material
 Color of the productCan be customized
 Product brandCocou
 Scope of applicationShoelaces, ropes, etc.
 Product width1cm, 2cm, etc. (circular diameter)
 Product typesRound belt or flat belt



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