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  • Glow in the dark (Luminous)shoelace
  • Glow in the dark (Luminous)shoelace
  • Glow in the dark (Luminous)shoelace
  • Glow in the dark (Luminous)shoelace

Glow in the dark (Luminous)shoelace



Product performance


 Features1. The fiber is a luminous fiber made of textile raw materials, using long-lasting rare earth aluminate luminescent material, and special spinning;2. The luminous fiber absorbs visible light for 10 minutes, can store light energy in the fiber, and continue to emit light for more than 10 hours in the dark. When there is no light, the luminous fibers are naturally blue and green.Luminous fiber matte and no dyeing is an environmentally friendly and efficient high-tech production process. The spinning wheel uses a variety of advanced equipment, and can be made of high-strength luminous yarn through single twist, double twist, waxing, polishing, weaving, and shaping. The luminous cord has: the appearance is round and compact. The texture is meticulous, smooth and soft; it has the characteristics of lint-free and strong tension after repeated use.3. Luminous shoelaces are ordinary shoelaces under natural light. The colors are pink, sky blue, emerald green, yellow-green, light gray, white and other colors. They emit blue and green light in the dark. After a sufficient absorption of light, they can be It lasts for 8-12 hours.4. The luminous shoelace can be used in children's shoes, youth sports shoes, stage performances and entertainment related scenes in bars, clubs, masquerade parties, casual shoes, hiking shoes for wild adventures and humanized labor protection shoelaces for special types of work (special shoes for absenteeism) band)5. Colored luminous shoelaces emit blue and green light in the dark, enhancing the recognition in the dark. Shoes with luminous shoelaces are also very easy to find shoes or shoelaces in the dark, making people know where the shoelaces are and where people are. , Outdoor mountaineering, camping, emergency rescue, labor protection for miners, etc. show humanistic care.

Product parameter


 Product brandCocou
 Product materialPolyester high-strength luminous yarn
 Product styleIt can emit light naturally in dark places without power supply
 Color of the productLight colors can be customized, please consult customer service before shooting, color message details page color card item number color
 Shoelace sizeWidth 0.9cm/shoelace head 2cm+1.38m belt length
 Number of packages10 pairs/tie
Whether processing customizationSpecial length and color can be customized





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